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Professional medical first responders

Whether it is during a shooting or an event, it is crucial to ensure safety. Our service of professional medical first responders will let you focus on the quality of your productions while we take care of the health and safety of the people involved.

Professional firefighters as extras

Our professional firefighters can act as extras or play a role in your production or during an event. Our walk-on firefighters took part in more than 200 shootings and have the required experience to provide perfect quality and rendering of firefighters for your productions.

Scene protection and stunts

When shooting a fire or a first responder scene, there are several factors to consider, such as people’s safety.


With their knowledge of the field and their experience, our professional firefighters can make sure that all the aspects relevant to the safety of your shootings, scenes and stunts are checked.

Firetruck rental

We own three types of rental trucks:

  • Pumper firetruck (fire and water hose inside);
  • Ladder truck;
  • Emergency truck (cube truck with several tools);
  • Command post.


We can also partner with providers for more specialized projects (vintage trucks or historical movies, and it is even possible to have the first horse-pulled pump)!


Firefighter uniform and combat clothing rental

Our range of firefighter uniforms and combat clothing includes all types of available clothing for a firefighter, whether they are boots, helmets, gloves, uniforms, etc.


We can also provide you with an assortment of uniforms for several eras.

Accessory rental

We own a great number of accessories relevant to the firefighting industry: from the axe to the jaws of life and respiratory devices, etc. Our accessories are in good condition, well maintained and available for several eras.


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